Adjustment of Status – Tucson Arizona Immigration Lawyers

Adjustment of Status – Tucson Arizona Immigration Lawyers

Foreign nationals who were admitted into the United States legally may have their immigration status changed from one category to another without having to return to their country of origin. The process by which this is done is called an “adjustment of status.” The adjustment of status process is complicated, and anyone who is involved in it has a very high stake in the outcome of his or her case. The compassionate and dedicated Tucson Immigration Law Attorneys at AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC help their clients get through the adjustment of status process with as little stress and strain as possible.

Can Your Status be Adjusted?

There are quite a few situations in which the status of a legally admitted foreign national may be adjusted. One such situation occurs when a person who entered the United States on a visa applies for permanent resident status. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a status adjustment. Foreign nationals who are transitioning through the United States, noncitizen crewmen who came into the United States on a plane, ship, or other vessel, and legally admitted aliens who were admitted by a nonimmigrant visitor through the Visa Waiver Program may not apply for status adjustment. The helpful Tucson Immigration Law Attorneys at AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC can help you to determine whether you are eligible for an adjustment of status. If you are, they can help you through the adjustment process, every step of the way.

A Complex Process

Since status adjustment is a path to permanent resident status, there are strict standards which each applicant must meet if they hope to adjust their status successfully. For example, each applicant must have been inspected, or seen, by authorities upon their entry to the United States. This rule means that the status of anyone who entered the United States without reporting to the authorities will not be adjusted. There are some situations where exceptions to that general rule may be made, but parties who seek to convince immigration officials that one or more of the exceptions apply to them will have to present convincing evidence that would support a conclusion that their situation is covered by one or more exceptions. The same principle applies to the other criteria for adjustment of status, as well. A skilled immigration law attorney can help you to gather information about how the adjustment criteria relate to your situation, and present that information to officials so that they can understand how you meet the criteria for adjustment.

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